Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope

Deep within the lush expanse of the Guardians of the Dream, adventurers await the challenging raid "Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope", showcased in Blizzard's Update 10.2. With a total of nine unique bosses, including the rideable dragon 'Tandral Sageswift', it promises unforgettable encounters brimming with danger and allure.

The sinister Fyrakk, driven by dark ambitions, threatens to plunge Azeroth into an age of chaos. While one raid wing remains untouched by his wrath, he has ravaged another, where the mighty Firelord Smolderon stands as the penultimate adversary. But the true final challenge that everyone anticipates is facing Fyrakk himself at the base of the majestic World Tree Amirdrassil.

In this ultimate showdown, players will confront Fyrakk to determine the fate of Azeroth. For their bravery, not only the honor of victory awaits, but also coveted rewards, including the legendary weapon Fyr'alath, the Dreamripper. The epic adventure is on the horizon - are you ready?


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