Reputation is very important in Azeroth, because it determines how other factions feel about you. Your main faction, however, will automatically be friendly to you. Other factions will be neutral to you, and those that have not yet been discovered or are unknown may even be enemies of you. If this should be the case, you should be careful, otherwise they will attack you.

The highest reputation level you can achieve is Exalted, which will give you discounts from this faction and allow you to buy faction mounts and tabards. At the reputation levels Hostile and Hated, you are KoS for that faction. This means Kill on Sight and they will attack you as soon as they see you.

When you reach the reputation level of Exalted with your allied races, you will be able to unlock a special and unique set of traditional armor. With this armor, your allies will become even stronger and can take even more.

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