Transmog Gear

There are many horrible and deadly things in World of Warcraft. If you want to advance and make a name for yourself on your server, you will need the appropriate equipment to do so. Over the years a lot of new items have been added and as a beginner you might lose track of them. Of course there are also special items that are especially strong and powerful. Such items are called transmog. The Transmog Gear is available in Battle for Azeroth at tier levels 17-21.


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However, there are not only traditional armors for your character, but also for your allied races. With the traditional armor for the Tauren and Gnomes, the new allied races were added in patch 8.2. The new allies can be brought from level 20 to 120. The traditional armor will only be unlocked at level 120. With a boost from Melk Squad, you can get your allied races to level 120 in record time.