3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay

Discover a new dimension of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight with our 3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay Boost. Dive straight into the world of competitive play, supported by a professional player who fights side by side with you to secure your desired rating. Leave the tedious search for a suitable team behind and rely on our proven expertise to lead you to coveted rewards.

Benefit from a service that is not only fast but also fully tailored to your personal preferences and skill level. Our offer is aimed equally at ambitious beginners as well as experienced fighters, by providing a customized boosting experience. Enjoy the exciting challenges in the 3vs3 arena and hone your skills with the support of top-tier Rank 1 players. Start your adventure with confidence and the best possible support.


  • Self-play (Selfplay)
  • PvP Item Level: 528

Additional Information:

  • Express Start: Begins within 24 hours!
  • Low Gear: If your character has a PvP Item Level below 528.
  • Rank One: Collaborating with Rank 1 players for a premium experience!

If you have any questions or need further advice, our customer service is available at any time. Do not hesitate any longer and secure your 3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay Boost for a PvP experience that is second to none in World of Warcraft!

Dive into the pulsating world of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, a realm distinguished by its immense depth and boundless diversity. In this breathtaking setting, we offer you an exclusive chance to experience the essence of competitive play through our 3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay Boost. Imagine fighting side by side with a professional player, who is not just your ally but also your mentor, as you embark on a journey that elevates your understanding and passion for the game to a new level.

The path to mastery in World of Warcraft's 3vs3 Arena can be arduous, marked by the tedious search for like-minded individuals who share your ambitions and match your skill level. Our mission is to eliminate these obstacles and facilitate a seamless transition into the realm of competitive play. With our 3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay Boost, the need to find a suitable team vanishes as you can plunge directly into the action, supported by players whose expertise in the game is unmatched.

Our service is much more than a shortcut to coveted rewards; it is a tailored experience designed specifically for your needs, skills, and preferences. Whether you are an ambitious newcomer venturing into the PvP (Player versus Player) world or a seasoned fighter seeking new challenges, we provide the support you need to achieve your goals. With our boost, you'll experience the excitement and thrill of the 3vs3 Arena, gaining valuable experience and honing your skills under the guidance of top-ranked Rank 1 players.

To avail of this premier service, all that is required is to engage in Selfplay and possess a PvP Item Level of 527. For those whose gear is not yet up to par, we offer a Low Gear option, allowing you to enter the fray with a lower item level. Our promise of an Express Start ensures that your adventure can begin within 24 hours, letting you dive into the competitive PvP world without unnecessary delays.

Collaborating with Rank 1 players is not just a mark of quality and excellence but also provides a premium experience unparalleled in the World of Warcraft universe. This boost is not merely a way to achieve your desired rating but also an opportunity to learn from the best and improve your gameplay in ways that would be unreachable without this unique support.

Our customer service is always available to answer questions or offer further advice. We are here to ensure that your experience with the 3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay Boost is not just satisfactory but extraordinary. Do not hesitate any longer – seize this opportunity to enjoy a PvP experience in World of Warcraft that not only refines your skills but also creates unforgettable memories.


We are a registered company in Germany since 2015 with headquarters in Berlin.

We will issue you an invoice. As in all reputable stores, you have PayPal buyer protection.

With Selfplay you are live at the realization of your order and play your character yourself

With Accplay you do not actively take part in the action. We play your account

Priority of armor and tokens means that every armor and token that matches your specc will be assigned to you without rolling dice.

Full Priority means that all loot that matches your specialization will be directed to you without rolling dice.

No, you can keep your Authenticator app activated. This is not a problem.

Please find the URL link to your character. The character name and server will also work.

Absolutely! If you need a specific service that is not listed in our store, do not hesitate to contact our support staff via Discord or Skype. We specialize in planning and creating custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Please select your Start and Finish Rating

Express Start
Express Start +35%
Low Gear
Low Gear +35%
Rank One
Rank One +35%
Character Link
Product Number: AN-00202
60,00 €

including 19% VAT.

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