3vs3 Arena Rating Selfplay

Discover Melk Trupp, your top destination for WoW Arena self-play boosts online! Do you have the desire to increase your 3v3 Arena rating? Then you've come to the right place.

With our premier 3v3 Arena rating self-play boost service, you have the opportunity to dive into the game alongside two professional players. Say goodbye to the arduous search for teammates and the reliance on luck—we'll catapult you straight to your desired Arena rating!

Our service highlights include:

  • Professional rating improvement in the 3v3 Arena in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.
  • Exclusive rewards for your character.


  • Self-play (you play yourself).
  • PvP Item Level: 473

Do you need further information? Our customer service is always ready to assist you. Don't wait any longer and secure your [EU] 3v3 Arena Rating self-play boost now! Immerse yourself in an unparalleled PvP experience in World of Warcraft!

The World of Warcraft Arena is the place for PvP players. When you enter the arena, there is no turning back! You will fight for life or death and there will be only one winner.

Are you the born winner or are you intimidated by the arena?
The arena can't be compared to anything else. It offers you different kinds of fighting:

  • 2 vs 2
  • 3 vs 3

There will be many rewards and achievements waiting for you in the arena. Unfortunately, many of the rewards you get are purely visual. These can only be unlocked after a certain rating.

Special rewards you can get.

  • 1400+ = Elite Bracers + Belt
  • 1600+ = Elite Gloves + Legs + Boots
  • 1800+ = Elite Helm + Shoulders + Chest
  • 2100+ = Cloak
  • 2100+ = Enchant / Weapons VZ
  • 2400+ = Tabard

From 1800+ is the Elite Set. From 2100+ you get a cape and a cool weapon enchantment and from 2400 a coat of arms.

You can also book an hour of coaching with us. This coaching is from a professional player who has years of experience fighting with the best in the world at Arena. We at Melk Trupp give you a boost that will keep you and your character going.


We are a registered company in Germany since 2015, based in Berlin.

We issue you an invoice. You have like in all reputable stores, the PayPal buyer protection.

We accept payment methods such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, bank transfer and credit cards.

In Selfplay you are live in the implementation of your order and play your char yourself

With accplay you do not actively participate in the action. We play your account.

Only experienced and professional players that we have carefully selected and vetted.

The duration varies for each service. However, we guarantee a quick start.

Please contact us directly! We will solve the problem!

No! All our service providers only run legitimate gameplay.

A WoW pro with whom you can also chat.

No, you can still keep your Authenticator app enabled. This is not a problem.

Please find your URL link to your character. The character name and server is also possible.

Please select your Start and Finish Rating

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