Arena Cap Win

We will earn you a World of Warcraft PvP Arena Cap victory based on your current rating, so that you will receive the maximum PvP reward for your current Arena rating from the next weekly box.

You are guaranteed an Arena win without any risk of losing rank. The cap win will be earned for you in the 2vs2 or in the 3vs3 arena.

This win will be done within 24 hours after your booking.


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In World of Warcraft, you can do endless things and players can't get bored. If they do, they may jump out of the game. So, of course, Blizzard has a combat system in their game so players can compete against each other. In order to participate in the arena, you must first reach level 120. Only then will you be able to participate with other players in the arena. There are different game modes for the arena and these are: 2vs2 and 3vs3.

What is PvP?
PvP means player versus player, and it's like many other games. It's a battle between several players. You or your character are competing against each other in a one-on-one duel or a team duel. You will compete against other online players and this is called PvP. PvE is the counterpart of PvP, and PvE is where you compete against Ki opponents, not humans.

For every fight you get a rating, whether victory or defeat. Depending on that you get more points or you lose points. If you are looking for opponents, the system will only find similarly strong opponents. So you will never get too strong opponents, but never too weak opponents. But if you win as a weak team against a better rated one, you will get much more points than usual.

With our product Arena Cap Victory you will get your cap, we will keep your rating. With this product you simply have to enter your start rating and you have to choose the arena for which you want to earn the cap (2v2 or 3vs3).

There are also many rewards in the arena, and according to Blizzard, the rewards for the best players are the same as the items you get from the best instances. If a new instance is added with a better loot, it will be adjusted in the next arena. There are not only arenas, but also battlegrounds in WoW BfA. Battlefields are a trademark of the WoW universe. The conflict between Horde and Alliance never dies, and so the battle for Azeroth's supremacy has been going on since the first few days. There are three different types of Battlefields, and each one plays differently. The most commonly played battleground types are Resource Race and Capture the Flag. The first battlegrounds can be entered from level 10, but there are also battlegrounds that can only be entered from level 90. Battlefields are like arena fights where you will fight for fame and glory for your people and faction.

World of Warcraft FAQ

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You play your char. Please arrive on time.

Well play your char. You dont have to do anything and you dont have to be there.

No! All our service providers operate exclusively legit gameplay! We track all services in real time! And ensure that no third-patry software or scripts are used!

We enable you to keep in touch with the most successful WoW players in the world while your order is being processed. Every member of the Ingame Gilde Melk Trupp distinguishes something special. Be it the former highest player in the world, highest players of his class or tournament victories for example. Our admission criteria are extremely high, so you get the best service.

The Armor Classes option allows other players with the same armor class as your character to join the riad. This way you get more loot.

Yeah, sure! If we play your account, please let us know which bosses you want us to use it for.

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