Rated Battlegrounds

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On the battlefields, the huge conflict between the Horde and the Alliance comes to bear once again. This never-ending conflict between the two factions will last for centuries. When you think that their conflict is slowly fading away, a new evil comes along and rekindles the hatred. The conflict is a fundamental part of the WoW universe. Many would say it's one reason why the game works so well. But in recent expansions, Blizzard has moved away from conflict. The Horde and Alliance have had to fight the great evil together. Now in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard goes back to the roots and resurrects the conflict. The Horde and the Alliance have been at war all along as to who is the dominant force in Azeroth.

What are RBG? They are rated battlefields and they are huge PvP battles. On some battlegrounds, teams of 120 players even clash. There are two sides to the battlegrounds: the Horde and the Alliance. To win the battle, you will need to complete various tasks. By participating in such battles, you have the chance to acquire powerful weapons and armor. An important point is that you can't just walk into any battlefield. To enter certain battlegrounds, you must have reached the appropriate level. And remember, to make sure the battles aren't unfair, you have a level gap of 5 levels maximum. It's worth visiting the battlegrounds, because apart from the loot you can get, each battleground has its own achievements that you can collect.

On almost all battlegrounds survival is the most important and key to success. Complete the objectives and don't be fooled by the chaos of the battle. Stay with your allies and try to complete the objectives with your team. Battlegrounds are a unique PvP experience that you should experience. It's an instance where you'll have to enter the PvP Battleground and complete structured objectives. There are three different types of battlegrounds: Resource Race, Flag Capture, and Warfare.

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