Antoran Charhound

Roam the devastated landscapes of Argus with the Antoran Charhound, a mount born from the fiery depths of the Antoran Wastes. This impressive steed, cloaked in flames and ash, symbolizes resilience and the will to survive amid the destructive forces of chaos.

The Antoran Charhound is not just a representation of the power and danger lurking in the shadows of Argus but also a beacon of hope that survives in darkness. Its daunting presence and ability to navigate through the most hostile environments make it the perfect companion for those ready to face the toughest challenges and emerge victorious from the ashes.


Roam the fiery battlefields of Argus with the Antoran Charhound, a mount that embodies the relentless ferocity and fiery power of the Burning Legion. This impressive steed, forged from the blazing ruins of Argus, is a living flame that envelops its rider with an aura of destruction and unwavering strength. It's more than just a means of transportation; it's a sign of survival and conquest in a world scarred by war and fire.

The Antoran Charhound captures the essence of Antoran destruction with its fiery appearance and the flames that dance around its body. Its glowing eyes and smoking paws leave a trail of ash wherever it goes, a testament to the power it possesses. The bond formed between the rider and the Antoran Charhound is a symbol of fearlessness and the ability to face the fiercest challenges.

The design of this mount is inspired by the fieriest aspects of Argus, reflecting the intensity and danger that come with battling the Burning Legion. With every step the Antoran Charhound takes, the heat of battle comes alive, embodying the relentless determination to defeat the enemies of Azeroth's freedom.

Riding the Antoran Charhound offers not only a unique way to traverse the devastated landscapes of Argus but also a connection to the raw energy and untamed power that shape this world. It allows the rider to unite with the immense power of fire and lead the battles against darkness with renewed intensity.

Additionally, the Antoran Charhound is a faithful companion in the fiercest confrontations. Its presence on the battlefield is a shining signal of resistance, a reminder that the light never extinguishes even in the darkest times. Its flame is a beacon of hope for the fighters of Azeroth, a proof that no darkness is too dense to be pierced by the resolve of light.

Ultimately, the Antoran Charhound is more than just a mount; it is an embodiment of destruction and, simultaneously, a symbol of hope. It represents the unbreakable willpower of Azeroth's heroes to fight fire with fire and emerge from the ashes of war as victors. With the Antoran Charhound by your side, every journey through the devastated expanses of Argus becomes a testament to your strength, courage, and indomitable will to stand against all odds.


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