Antoran Gloomhound

Roam the scorched battlefields of Argus atop the Antoran Gloomhound, a mount that symbolizes strength and resilience amidst devastation. Born from the shadows of the Antoran wastes, this formidable beast is a sign of triumph over the darkest forces. With its fiery gaze and smoky aura, the Antoran Gloomhound is not just a companion in your World of Warcraft journeys but also a powerful symbol of your achievements and bravery.

Its majestic and intimidating presence makes it the perfect partner for those who face the challenges of the shattered worlds of Argus.


Conquer the rugged landscapes of Argus with the Antoran Gloomhound, a mount that captures the essence of Antoran wilderness and the dark splendor of the Burning Legion. This formidable steed, forged from the shadows and flames that sweep across Argus, grants its rider an aura of dread and power unmatched in the vast world of World of Warcraft. It's more than just a mount; it's a symbol of triumph over the Legion and mastery of the dark energies that surround it.

The Antoran Gloomhound is distinguished by its impressive appearance, with fur that seems to glow with the energy of Argus' shadow flames. Its glowing eyes pierce the darkness, a vivid symbol of the power and determination required to stand against the Burning Legion. The bond formed between the rider and the Antoran Gloomhound is a testament to the courage and strength needed to face and overcome the dangers of Argus.

The design of the Antoran Gloomhound is inspired by the harsh environment of Argus, reflecting the danger and beauty that exist within this shattered world. With every step this mighty mount takes, the air is filled with the energy of the shadow flames that envelop it, creating an aura of doom that terrifies all foes.

Riding the Antoran Gloomhound is not just a demonstration of achieved power and strength but also a journey through the history and challenges that Argus presents. It allows the rider to master the rugged terrains and discover the hidden secrets and treasures buried deep within this fallen world.

Additionally, the Antoran Gloomhound is a faithful companion in the battles against the Burning Legion. It stands by its rider in the fiercest of fights, an unyielding symbol of resilience and fighting spirit. Its presence on the battlefield is a constant reminder of the need to fight against the darkness and preserve the light in Azeroth.

Ultimately, the Antoran Gloomhound is more than just a mount; it is an adventure, a symbol of victory, and a guardian of hope. It represents the relentless determination of Azeroth's heroes to defeat the Burning Legion and bring peace to the world. With the Antoran Gloomhound by your side, every journey through Azeroth becomes a testament to your strength, courage, and unwavering will to overcome evil.


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