Classic PvP Boost

WoW Classic PvP Boost

World of Warcraft Classic has generated a great deal of interest among all players and there is still a lot of interest in the game. Classic was again able to mobilize many dozens of players and thus reunite the player community. With Classic's phase system, Blizzard wanted to gradually expand the game and keep the game fun for a long time. Now PvP has finally arrived in WoW Classic and players can compete against each other. That's why WoW Classic PvP has finally arrived in Melk Trupp and we can offer you the best Classic PvP Boost.

WOW Classic

However, nothing is as it was back then, that PvP experience is a completely different one than it was back then. In Classic there is now a completely new honor system and there is now also an honor ranking. For this ranking there are also rewards and the higher your ranking is the better rewards you can buy from the merchants.

How does the honor system work? Previously, PvP kills had no effect on your game or statistics. With the new PvP phase WoW Classic gets a whole new dynamic. Through the honor system, each player receives honor points that are added to your account. After each week your accumulated points will be reset. All points of players are compared by this server. This results in a ranking list, and from this the ranks for the individual players. The leaderboard is a crucial point when it comes to the best items in PvP. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the better items you can buy from traders.

For the highest ranks there are epic weapons and sets. The highest rank on the ladder is the Grand Marshal, who has access to the most epic PvP weapons. Each faction has 14 different ranks and each rank has different rewards. Only 0.1% of the players reach the highest rank of Grand Marshal of the Alliance or Supreme Warlord of the Horde.

To get to the top of the PvP rankings you have to farm a lot of honor. But how do you farm honor in WoW Classic? The number of kills or victories doesn't say anything about your rankings. You always get honor when you damage a player from the opposing faction. If you kill an opponent that is in your level range, you will get an honorable kill.

You should be careful not to do dishonorable kills, though. If you kill an NPC or low level player, you will receive a point penalty.

Blizzard is aware of the PvP game and knows that it can be frustrating to get killed by the same player over and over again. That's why they've created a system where players get fewer and fewer honor points that kill the same player.

In our online shop we offer you everything you can currently find in PvP. With Phase 3, which was initiated in Classic, came the Battlegrounds. In this phase, two old battlegrounds came back, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley.
Unlike in modern WoW, in Classic you will still need to go to each Battleground or visit a Battlemaster from your faction to participate. This is no longer the case in modern WoW, where you can immediately enter the automatic group search and join in directly. In Classic you can join a battle from level 10 on, but you don't have to worry, because you will only get fair teams. The battlefields are divided into six levels. The levels are 10 - 19, 20 - 29, 30 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 - 59, 60.

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