PvE Raids

PvE is an abbreviation of "Player versus Environment" and this means that you only fight against NPCs and not against real players in PvP. We also offer you a lot of PvP Boost in our shop!

In our PvE Raids we offer you the Uldir Sellrun. Uldir, the Halls of Control is the first raid in Battle for Azeroth. You can find it in Nazmir near the Heart of Darkness. The raid is designed for level 120 players and will have eight bosses ready for you. Uldir is an ancient quarantine facility created by the Titans. The Titans created this to allow their enemies to get to know the ancient gods better. The Empty Energy that was bound by the old gods was very troublesome to the Titans, so they sought a way to neutralize it. In the depths of Uldir lurks the old blood god G'huun, and legend has it that he is far worse than the old gods themselves.


In Battle for Azeroth, something new has also come to WoW with the mini raid Crucible of Storms. It was added in patch 8.1.5 Waves of the Throat. In our shop we offer you the Mini Raid in the Mythical level. The Crucible of Storms is located in Stormsong Valley and only two bosses are waiting for you here. The bosses of the raid are the restless Kabale and Uu'nat and they are servants of N'Zoth. The long forgotten evil drives Lord Stormsong mad and the voices echo in the deep.

With patch 8.1 came the Battle of Dazar'alor and he is the second of five raids from the current expansion BfA. A total of 9 bosses await you in the epic raid instance. The great raid temple is located in the city of Zuldazar and is the seat of King Rastakhan. The temple contains the golden throne and also the message of the Horde. Dazar'alor was the center of the vast and powerful Zandalari empire for many years.

The expansion Rise of Azshara was added in patch 8.2. Azshara's Eternal Palace opens its gates to the brave warriors and warriors of the Horde and Alliance. When Azshara sank into the depths of the sea, she had to form an alliance with N'Zoth to survive. All her subordinates were turned into Naga to survive. Azshara now rules from the depths of the sea and is under the dark influence of N'Zoth.

In patch 8.3, the final raid for Battle for Azeroth comes, and it will be Ny'alotha. The black empire of the old god N'Zoth will rise again and bring disaster to Azeroth. For countless millennia, N'Zoth has been imprisoned in the depths of the ocean. He has even arranged for Azshara to get close to him. For his prison lies beneath Azshara's eternal palace, and that is why he has been able to ally himself with her.

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